Our provisions in response to the Covid pandemic 19
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Our provisions in response to the Covid 19

Hello loyal customers Cleaning With O. We hope that you are in good health and are always protected.

For Cleaning With O, the safety and health of customers and helper is a top priority. Therefore, we have proactively increased awareness, prevention and protection measures related to Coronavirus.

We will improve the following steps to protect our entire ecosystem, which has been adapted to the general recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.

  • We Guarantee Integrity of Our associates
  • Repeatedly Sterilized Equipment
  • Sterilized uniform, 1 customer 1 sterilized uniform
  • COVID-19 Prevention Protocol (Masker, Goggles, Handgloves)
  • We provide the most comprehensive cleaning rituals
  • Improve Hand Washing Increase Helper’s awareness of cleanliness and wash hands frequently possible (before or after work).
  • Normal Body Temperature Cleaning With O only allows each helper to work when the normal body temperature is below 37 degrees Celsius.
  • Check Helper Body Temperature Every morning, we check the Helper Cleaning With O. Cleaning With O only allows healthy helper to work.